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“Service, Commitment & Excellence”



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“To be emerge as a Centre of Excellence in Teacher Education”


  • Helping students to acquire sound knowledge and useful skills;
  • encouraging and promoting responsible attitudes and sound leadership qualities;
  • Fostering a firm commitment to the teaching profession and adherence to the highest standards of professional conduct;
  • Facilitating the development of ideals of love for loyalty to India and promoting a zeal to nation building;
  • Pointing to the need for personal and professional development;
  • Promoting in its students an appreciation of the need for spiritual, emotional, and social growth.
  • Providing an appropriate environment for the ongoing development and academic advancement of faculty members towards the achievement of individual and institutional goals


Mount Mary College (Teacher Education) has established a set of core values that undergird its mission statement, and the goals/objectives established as guidelines for realizing this mission statement. Those core values are:

  • Accountable – for our programs and for demonstrating their relevance and effectiveness through a multi-dimensional assessment system
  • Affordable – committed to establishing and maintaining low-cost, highly affordable degrees and programs through scalable and efficient operations
  • Accessible – committed to expanding access to higher education
  • Technology – committed to using emerging technologies to transform the presentation, delivery, and evaluation of education for 21st century adult learners
  • Innovative – committed to a culture and strategy centered around continuous innovation into the markets we serve, resulting in greater value for student learners
  • Ethical – committed to maintaining strong integrity and ethical principles in relationships with all stakeholders, including students, faculty, staff, and community partners
  • Diverse – preparing our students to serve and work effectively with evolving diverse communities

Reasons to study at

Mount Mary College Of Teachers Education


We are proud of our teaching and assessing staff. Our teachers are well qualified and are committed to continuously updating their skills and expertise. We are very fortunate that our teachers come from successful vocational and academic background. We strongly believe in active learning, which provides challenge and promote independent learning skills. You will be regularly assessed on your skills and understanding and receive regular feedback on your progress.


The College has close working relationship with a wide range of external organizations and constantly develops links which benefit our students, staff and industry partners. This has provided our students with the relevant experience, skills and expertise for the ever changing workplace.


The College prides itself on matching the right qualification to the right students. Every student has a detailed pre-course interview to discuss the course and their future plans and all courses start with an induction program. If, after the start of the course, it becomes apparent that another subject or level would be more appropriate, It is possible to transfer to a different course.


College staffs treat all learners with respect and in a manner. Time and again this one of the thing our learners report as most important to their enjoyment to their time at College.


We recognized the importance of high quality education and learning resource and continue to invest in our faculties. These include a new building, a modern, very well equipped learning resource center, and cafeteria and many more.




Students are expected to be punctual, to attend regularly and to work hard, but it’s not all work and no play. There are plenty of fun activities to join in with trips, extra-curricular clubs etc.


All students have access to a personal tutor who will meet with them either on an individual or group basis to discuss their progress, set targets and address any issues or support needs.

Our student Service Team can help students identify any additional learning support needs and ensure these are promptly met.


Our students regularly secure places at leading universities across the country. We also have a very good track record when it comes to students entering employment or progressing to further study.


Service, commitment & excellence is the motto that throbs and harmonizes all that we do here at Mount Mary College (Teacher Education). Our motto informs, inspires and impacts by setting the tone, guiding our actions and motivating us to be consistent in our journey to achieve our vision of excellence.

 As team leader I am always conscious that being a principal is more action than position oriented. Being action oriented requires me to build on and cultivate legacies of collaboration and service. Mount Mary College (Teacher Education) lives and inspires service through calendar events such as Lunch Sacrifice and Love Feast. These events position us as an institution within a community, offering service to communities.

 As a college we believe that it is our civic duty to live education as a process of engendering quality, equality of educational opportunities and equity. Thus we model our commitment to nurturing good interpersonal relationships as we prepare our students for unselfish service in the education of our nation.

 Excellence is a journey. It is a visionary journey of hope, dedication, service and commitment. Mount Mary College (Teacher Education) welcomes you, the potential candidate who feels called to duty in nation building and procuring an enviable future for yourself locally and globally.

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